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Tudor Book of Days

A beautiful perpetual diary, with fascinating Tudor facts for every day of the year, which I co-authored with my Tudor Times colleague. 

The Tudor Times Book of Days is a perpertual diary, modelled on the Books of Hours of the medieval and early Tudor period. 

At the beginning of each month is a summary of that month's Tudor events, followed by a diary section, with each day having an event and a note of the relevant saint's day, or other religious festival, which would have been of great importance in Tudor daily life. The events and people are described further in indexes. There is space for you to enter your own events and, because there is no specific year recorded in the book, you can keep it as a perpetual calendar.

All Melita’s Books

1000 Tudor People

Monarchs and magicians, politicians and philosophers, kings, criminals, musicians, and gardeners: learn about one thousand men and women from all walks of life who flourished during the Tudor period. 

The King’s Pearl

Henry VIII and his Daughter Mary

Mary Tudor has always been known as ‘Bloody Mary’, the name given to her by later Protestant chroniclers who vilified her for attempting to re-impose Roman Catholicism in England. Recently, more nuanced accounts of Mary's life have been written, but many now portray her as 'tragic' Mary, which is not necessarily a complete picture either. 

The House of Grey

Friends & Foes of Kings

The Grey family was one of mediaeval England’s most important dynasties, serving the kings of England as sheriffs, barons and military leaders from the reign of William the Conqueror.