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Leeds University International Congress on the Study of the Middle Ages, 1-4 July 2024

The IMC 2024 programme includes over 2,380 actively involved participants from 60 different countries in over 2,100 papers in 700 sessions and round table discussions, with up to 49 sessions taking place at any one time. 

"A large part of the IMC 2024 programme will be related to this year’s Special Thematic
Strand ‘Crisis’. ‘Crisis’ is something that has become familiar to everybody across the
world in recent years. For medievalists, it presents an excellent opportunity to contribute
to wider society by presenting cutting-edge research on so many facets of crisis,
whether it is the narratives of crisis, records of crisis, perceptions of crisis, responses
to crisis, or interactions with crisis throughout the Middle Ages and beyond. Daniel R.
Curtis (School of History, Culture & Communication, Erasmus University Rotterdam)
calmly and expertly coordinated the ‘crisis’ areas of the IMC 2024 programme and
needs to be thanked wholeheartedly for all the work and input into this event"

IMC Programme 2024 

New book ‘1000 Tudor People’ out now

Monarchs and magicians, politicians and philosophers, kings, criminals, musicians, and gardeners: learn about one thousand men and women from all walks of life who flourished during the Tudor period. 

About the book: New Book